Tuesday, May 21, 2013

food + friendship: Liana's chicken and rice recipe

One of the things I love about spending time with friends in their home is cooking and sharing recipes. Meals that seem a bit everyday to them because they have cooked them so many times, are fresh to my senses. This dish from our beautiful friend Liana (pictured above with her son Maren who is proudly holding a trophy for being best player on ground in his first ever rugby game. His uncle is an international rubgy player so I think it is in the genes!) who we stayed with on our recent trip to Auckland fits that description. "Really, the recipe for my humble friday night dinner is blog worthy?" asked Liana. Yep. Because it is simple and scrumptious! Just what the mamas are looking for.

I love the memories that are tied to certain recipes. Now when I cook this recipe I will remember this trip. Pete and Liana's husband Marama are long time friends and this was the first time all of our children had met. On the first morning while the children whirled around us upstairs and down, making cubbies, dressing up, a bit of light saber action, Liana and I sat at the kitchen bench drinking tea and catching up. It has been almost seven years since we had seen each other. Liana and Marama came to visit us when River was about five months old and then in the meantime returned to Auckland and had Maren and then very soon after, like less than a year after had twin baby girls!!! Hearing the story of the twins early arrival in the world had us both welling up with tears as we looked at photos of them so incredibly tiny at 31 weeks, and now so robust.

Tea drunk, birth stories shared, tears dried it was time to round up the children and take them across the road to the park before heading to the local cafe for coffee for the mamas and fluffies for the children. (A fluffy is the New Zealand version of a baby cino :)

Dinner that night was this completely satisfying dish of tender chicken and fragrant rice served with perfectly steamed green veggies. Marama has a penchant for New Zealand Otago pinot which we were happy to enjoy with him.

Thank you Liana, Marama and family for sharing your home and your recipe. xx

Liana's Chicken & Rice Recipe

3 cups chicken stock
1.5 cups jasmine/basmati rice
6 chicken thigh fillets (organic preferably!)
4 cloves of garlic - cut in half
6 slices of ginger 
1 green chilli - chopped (optional of course if your children aren't up for chilli)

- add stock, garlic, ginger and chilli to a wide pot that has a lid (a deep frypan is ideal) and bring to boil
- add rice, stir to distribute rice evenly on bottom
- top with chicken thighs 
- turn stove to lowest heat and put a tight fitted lid on the pot
- cook 20 mins
- when cooked topped with chopped fresh spring onions and coriander 
- serve with soy sauce/tamari


  1. thanks for sharing this recipe Liana - I will definitely be trying it out! I make something similar but with lamb and morrocan flavours - can't beat a one pot dish!

    1. Lamb and morrocon flavours sound good Sonia. If you have it on your blog leave us link x

  2. Love one pot cooking. Sounds similar to hainan chicken, but nice and simple. I'm looking forward to trying this dish, thank you Liana and Nikki. (:

    1. Simple and delicious. I hope you enjoy it! x

  3. This was our dinner last night and it was delicious. Thankyou for sharing :-)


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