Friday, May 31, 2013

friday links

(buckwheat porridge with figs, banana and almonds. more about that next week)

Hello and welcome to all the new readers this week and thank you to the loyal followers who have been visiting here for a while. I love that the internet makes it so easy for us to connect and be inspired by each others daily lives.

Very interesting...raw cacao: hype vs. science

These give fruit cake a whole new meaning

We are one day away from winter here in the southern hemisphere, to keep colds and flu at bay read Natalie's fantastic post with food remedies aplenty.

A comment from Max led me to her blog and this her entertaining post about making sourdough bread at home. While you're over at Max's if you are totally besotted with babies like I am take a look at this adorable photo of Max in bliss with her son when he was a newborn.

I let my husband into a secret and that is for his professional facebook page to be of benefit to anyone including him, he actually has to update it! So update he is. Click on over and like his page and you will receive a daily dose of visual beauty and culture. You can check out the campaign that Pete is working on to end self-harm and youth suicide in Indigenous communities at the website

Can't believe the traffic the budget series has brought here this week...eating well without going broke is an art we are all refining as we go. Thanks to all the contributors. Keep sharing tips and if you want some general budget advice I found this useful.

Come back next week and we'll talk about how to save that other precious resource in the kitchen: time.

Happy weekending. Thanks for joining me in living a wholefood life xx


  1. And a happy weekend to you too xx

  2. thanks for linking me (and the boy-babe) in!
    and RIP poor Sharon-Sourdough. sadly neglected when her owner got preggy and a temporary sourdough aversion!
    happy weekend x

    1. :) you mak me smile Max poor Sharon sourdough. Never mind I think you had a good excuse for neglect in this instance. happy weekend to you too xx


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