Sunday, May 12, 2013

happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day mamas! 

This year I am lucky to be with my beautiful family and friends in Auckland for Mother's Day so I don't think I will be having the unexpected meltdown I had last year due to my mum not being alive...well here's hoping! You can read about that here if you really want to (recommended reading for grieving mothers).

A few days before we headed to Auckland we had an early Mother's Day celebration, afternoon tea hosted by my beautiful sister-in-law Davini (an incredible woman and wholefood mama who needs to be part of my interview series now I think of it!) I'm pictured here with my inspirational mother-in-law Peg and equally inspirational sister-in-law Davini. Not everyone can say that about their in-laws!

I was blessed to have Davini by my side for River's birth, Davini and I regularly count our blessings that we have each other as sister-in-laws because even if we weren't relatives we'd be friends.

This day needn't be a commercial gift giving fest (unless you want it to be!) it can be whatever you make it. I know too well that some mamas would prefer to skip it because they are without their mothers or their children, I'll be thinking especially of you mamas today (Kellie x). 

Mamas whatever you're up to today as long as there are endless cups of tea with your favorite people (preferably hot tea made by someone else that you get to drink before it goes cold) then all will be well. Because we all know a good cup of tea fixes everything.

I think I've made scones twice and they were fairly underwhelming I have to admit. Davini used Stephanie Alexander's scone recipe from The Cook's Companion and aside from choosing a recipe that works, her key to success was following the rule of making great scones and that is to handle the dough with a light touch and don't overwork it.

What's happening at your place today?


  1. A great scone maker in Tasmania told me to grate the butter into the flour mix, make a well for the milk and gently knead the flour into the milk with hands. Once most of the flour is incorporated, turn it out onto a flour surface and fold it, rotate a 1/4 turn, repeat four times, lightly roll out and cut circles. My son actually makes the BEST scones...probably he is the best at NOT overworking!! Glad you are having a great time. xx

    1. Thanks for that tip Robin. I am tempted to give scones another go and try this. I hope you had a wonderful mother's day whatever you were up to xx


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