Friday, May 03, 2013

friday so soon

Make yourself a large pot of tea and settle in to read this lengthy and interesting piece by Emily Matchar. Look past the harsh title it is well worth a read - Is Michael Pollan a sexist pig? I found it via Food Health Wealth

Those who covet food blogs with a beautiful clean aesthetic and recipes to match, prepare to be seduced: in the making by Belene. Thanks Mamacino for the tip.

Phyllis Grant is a mama after my own heart, cooking with her children involving them every step of the way not just on baking day. Fall in love with her blog named after her children Dash & Bella

I think you might also just LOVE - in praise of leftovers

Jay's back! Pop on over and say hello.

Have you entered the giveaway at Vanessa's? Jude Blereau's new book is part of the prize.

I know that some of you lovelies have contributed to Sonya's healing fund, if you haven't seen her page go here

Congrats to Sophie at Local is Lovely on her book deal.

And to finish today, a big congratulations to Emily and Dave at The Beetleshack on the arrival of their new baby girl. Oh babies how I love them. If I could email you dinner Em I would. x

Happy weekending everyone. We are heading off to New Zealand next week for a little holiday visiting friends in Auckland. Can't wait! Thanks for reading x


  1. Some great blogs here. Thanks so much for sharing :). I will be making myself a pot of chai and enjoying them

  2. A pot of speak my language Mands! Glad you enjoyed discovering the blogs x

  3. Oh, thanks for the welcome back gorgeous I have had so much fun checking out these links. xxx

    1. Very glad you are back and I am loving your photos from Malaysia xx

  4. ahah thanks Nikki! I would love nothing more than to feat upon your amazing, nutritious cooking but alas- email it will not!

    Hope you guys are well, we are!

    xo em

    1. Well I hope and am sure that friends and family are keeping you all nourished while little Elke settles into Beetleshack life. My little darlings have had gastro these past few days which is never fun but I do love all the cuddle time when they are not well. Take care and enjoy all those baby snuggles x


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