Friday, May 10, 2013

friday from afar

Before having children I was lucky enough to travel overseas at least once a year. Not surprisingly visiting markets and foodstores in other countries were major attractions for me. This trip to Auckland is my first overseas since having River almost seven years ago. When I was a new mum I couldn't imagine taking my precious baby bundle much further than the front gate let alone to another country! I am feeling very excited that my taste for travel is back and am looking forward to exploring the world now as a family.

I began researching foodstores in Auckland and this is what I found:

Huckleberry Farms
The Blue Bird vegetarian and vegan cafe - look at how glowing these people are!
Mairangi Bay Farmers Market

Auckland readers if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear in the comments.

If you want to loose yourself in blogland for oh about a week visit the Kidspot Voices of 2013 list

Quick click on over and enter this giveaway to win a Gorman rug entries close 10pm tonight.

Could Mimi's life be any more beautiful?! Oh those aubergines and roses.

A rich and energising raw cacao smoothie could be the go for Mother's Day breakfast.

Gorgeous gluten free desserts to make for Mother's Day on the beautiful blog What Katie Ate.

Have a wonderful weekend and a big happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful women!!

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Auckland, wow, how did i miss that. Hope you are having a superb time, tasting, laughing and exploring. thanks for the links. xxx

  2. Having a beautiful time thanks Jay. Glorious sunshine here today. Hope you are having a lovely mother's day xxx


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