Friday, May 24, 2013

friday links

Don't you just love tamarillos? In season now around here.

I'm not vegan but I liked the look of Wolf and Willow's new ebook 'The Sexy Sugar Free Vegan Project' enough to buy it. I'm glad I did. Beautiful photography but most importantly super delicious recipes including some from your favorite wholefood bloggers such as Meg at My Wholefood Romance.

It's curious that the Australian Organic newsletter includes so much information relating to the USA but anyway (perhaps Oz info is not available?) this article about conventional apples in the US topping the list of most pesticide-contaminated produce is worth reading.

Another sigh worthy moment over at Mimi's blog Manger.

Kale lovers go here now. Joanna Goddard shares The Best Kale Caesar Salad You'll Ever Have.

With all the talk of budgets recently I thought Scott Pape's article 'Manage your money in 10 minutes' might be useful.

Hello to all the new facebook likers! If you haven't liked The Wholefood Mama page yet you can find it here. And while you're there check out my Pete's photography page, like it and there will be plenty of beautiful photo posts coming your way.

I'm excited about a mammoth family celebration this weekend one party that covers 3 birthdays and a 60th wedding anniversary. 60 years wow! River and Sol are hoping there will be cake. Fair chance I'd say.

See you back here next week for part 2 of the budget :) and in another post I'll regale you with how Pete is on a mission to convert every cafe in Melbourne to serving dandelion 'coffee'.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend xx


  1. such great linky links for such a cosy rain day. thanks lovely. xxx

    1. oh and if Pete ever needs any help in converting cafes to serving dandelion 'coffee', i am right there with him. xxx

    2. :) I'll let him know. Happy weekend to you xxx

  2. Happy weekend Nikki. Spiced Dandelion is fast becoming a cold weather favourite for me x

    1. spiced dandelion I like the sound of that. Do you buy it already spiced or do you spice it yourself?


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