Thursday, June 06, 2013

buckwheat porridge with banana, walnuts and maple syrup

There's more to porridge than oats. Such a variety of other wholesome grains you can simmer in water or milk to warm up your winter mornings, how about millet, amaranth, rice or buckwheat?

Apart from cooking buckwheat pancakes made with buckwheat flour I hadn't cooked with buckwheat in its whole form until I was inspired to try it as porridge. Buckwheat is in fact a seed not a grain and there's not a pinch of wheat in it. Just another weird, unexplainable moment in English language, why call something wheat when it is not actually wheat?!

So, technically buckwheat is a gluten-free food but do check the packet to make sure it says gluten free because some gluten free grains get contaminated with gluten if they are processed on the same equipment as grains that contain gluten.

Some other buckwheat trivia for you - buckwheat is related to rhubarb, and good reasons to include it in your diet is that it is high in  essential amino acids and essential minerals zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese. A good way to start the day. You should be able to find buckwheat groats at your health food shop or for Australian grown buckwheat flour and groats sold online go here.

I decided to flavour this porridge with the same ingredients we would put on buckwheat pancakes. but you can add whatever ingredients you have, raisins, goji berries, coconut, almonds, chia get the idea. Adding maple syrup to anything feels decidedly decadent and luxurious to me, especially for breakfast on a school morning. 

Buckwheat porridge with banana, walnuts and maple syrup

Wash one cup of buckwheat groats in cold water and then put in a pot and add two cups of boiling water. (This amount will be enough for about four servings)

Cover, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

Serve with banana, walnuts, a dash of maple syrup (or honey) and milk of your choice (I used rice milk).

That simple! I hope you like it.

For another non oaty porrridge try my quinoa porridge with lemon, ginger and cinnamon

What's cooking for breakfast at you place?


  1. Hi Nikki- I never knew buckwheat was related to Rhubarb...wonder if we can grow it?? Thank you for sharing! xx Robin

  2. Looks like a delicious nourishing breakfast. I enjoy my porridge in the winter months so must check out this buckwheat at my local health food store.

  3. Porridge is featuring regularly at the moment so a simple change in ingredients like this will be welcomed.

  4. Made this today with almond milk, banana, vanilla and cinnamon. It was delicious, but not quite sweet enough (I have a terrible sweet tooth!), so I made a mix of coconut sugar, maca powder, gubinge powder and cinnamon for the top. Nikki - it was amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Your combo sounds very delicious! Happy you found inspiration here x


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