Friday, June 14, 2013

freaky friday

It is freaky Friday at River's school today. I stayed in his class this morning to be reading mum, I sharpened pencils and listened to goblins and witches sound out their words. Now I'm drinking rooibos tea from one of the pictured beautiful cups I picked up this week and writing to you.

Sorry it's been a bit quiet here this week especially when there are so many new visitors! Thanks for visiting and next week even if I have to forcibly align the planets with my bare hands so I can find time to serve you up more delicious posts I will.

I am literally counting the hours 'til dinner tomorrow night with an old friend who I haven't seen for seven years!! Can't wait. Hope you have something exciting planned.

Until next week, here is a list of links to tide you over. Chow for now xx

Oh Sugar! (warning: a bit of swearing involved in the unleashing of the passion about the topic in this post)

Off topic but we all need some beauty in our lives...for the love of flowers by Cecilia Fox

And the love of chocolate. Wholefood chocolate no less. Thanks Natural New Age Mum. Last chance today to enter Sonia's huge giveaway too.

I baked my chocolate honey spice cake during the week and served it with custard instead of icing as dessert one night after dinner. The key is to undercook it and then it is more like pudding than cake. Perfect for a wintery weekend.

I think this site will be right up your real food alley and Sydney folk you'll find cooking classes to attend

If you are on the Mornington Peninsula on Saturday head to the Boneo Market where you'll be able to buy beautiful organic produce that's grown with love just 2km up the road at Transition Farm by Robin and her husband.

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