Friday, June 21, 2013

friday with Jude

Today has been the light on my horizon this week. I am heading to Melbourne to Prahran Market, meeting up with my beautiful friend Kylie and attending Jude Blereau's launch of her fourth book 'Wholefood Baking'. I was thrilled to bump into Jude earlier in the week shopping at the market at Ripe the organic grocer. Jude and I have exchanged emails over the years and I reviewed her first book for The Age so it was lovely to finally meet in real life. There will be photos and stories of the day, shared with you here next week and perhaps a book review too.

I say today has been the light on my horizon because it has been a very sad couple of weeks to say the least. I have been in two minds as to whether to share this here but to make a list of links with a heavy heart does not feel right so I have decided to write about the truth of life for me and my friends at this moment.

Remember my recent trip to New Zealand? Well, while I was there I reconnected with dear old Melbourne friends from my twenties who had relocated to Auckland, we hadn't seen each other for some years since they had moved interstate and we all had babies and so on, we had drifted but the great memories of the early days of our friendship remained. It was wonderful to see them and meet their young children.

And then two weeks ago I received the shocking phone call that my friend who I saw in Auckland, the Dad, had died suddenly of a heart attack at age 45. Shocking and unspeakably sad.

On monday of this week a few hundred of the people who loved him gathered in his hometown of Melbourne to honor his life and show our support for my friend, his wife, a beautiful woman in every sense, and their delightful young children.

Today's post is dedicated to Andrew and his family. Andrew will be remembered for being Great in the true sense of the word, he was instantly engaging and endearing, unique in his ability to connect so genuinely with everyone he met.

Before I decided to share this story I started looking for links and found only one before I changed my mind about making the list. I came across Sam's chocolate frangipane tart, Andrew was an incredible foodie and cook so it seems fitting that I share at least one recipe in memory of a great man who is loved and missed by many.

A warm and gentle weekend to all xx


  1. Oh Nikki, that is so sad about your friend. I hope you get lots of good things out of your Melb trip. Kellie xx

  2. Nikki, sorry to hear about your friend. So very young. Lots of warmth to you. Your afternoon in Melbourne with Jude sounds like a lovely and nurturing thing to do xx

  3. oh darling one, it is so very very sad, i have been thinking about Andrew and his family a lot since we chatted and thinking about you, especially at the funeral. so big. I am so glad that you will have some special time with Jude (say hello to her for me) and what a treat bumping into her at the markets. much love to you all. xxx jay

  4. Sorry to read of your sad news Nikki.

  5. Nikki, only just read this. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry. So tragically young. Thinking of you. x


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