Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jude Blereau "Wholefood Baking"

Last Friday I drove up to Melbourne to the Essential Ingredient where I met up with my great long-time friend Kylie and we took our places at the tables set with china and roses for the launch of Jude Blereau's fourth book "Wholefood Baking". I have long been a fan of Jude's books and her enthusiastic, unfussy approach to wholefood cooking.

I own all of Jude's books, "Wholefood for Children" and "Coming Home to Eat" are the two most relevant to my life at this time with two young children. I've written before about a very delicious AND nutritious chocolate chip biscuit recipe from "Coming Home to Eat".

Jude's fourth book is brimming with recipes that bring sweetness to life and does so in a wholesome way because of the attention Jude has paid to writing beautiful recipes using wholefood ingredients. I will write a more detailed review of the book down the track when I have baked and baked and baked some more but for now I just wanted to share some photos of the day with you.

Going to the event was a treat because it is rare that Kylie and I get to spend an afternoon together drinking tea, eating cake and catching up without our children. Made even more special due to the fact Kylie is 8 months pregnant. Excited about the new babe!

Meeting people who I have long admired through their books or online is always a good thing. So it was great to finally meet Jude in real life and the bonus prize was meeting Meg, Meg who blogs at My Wholefood Romance who I think by the way should change her blog to "I'll have what she's having" because Meg is one of the most glowing, radiating with health people I have met!
Must be all that kale :) I'll definitely have what she's having! Now on with some photos...


  1. Thanks Sonia. Not that I was as the saying goes, 'fishing for compliments'! there was just something extra glowing about Meg in real life that I had to make mention of :)

  2. I am oh so hungry for cake now! I recently got Jude's 'Wholefood for children' and am finding it really helpful as I look for healthier ways to be dairy & gluten free with my son. I am learning a lot about different flours! Photos are lovely, as always xox

    1. The cakes were pretty special made more so by the wholesomeness. I love Wholefood for Children it is such a great book. Enjoy learning and experimenting with all those different flours. Thanks for your comment Audrey have a lovely weekend xx


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