Tuesday, April 29, 2014

soul food: incredible life, incredible business workbooks + making money from blogging

Ever since I was a child I have loved keeping journals. It is where my love of writing (and stationery) began. In a few months I turn 40 and my love of journals and writing hasn't faded nor has my love of goal setting and visualisation.

So, today I thought I'd share with you something I discovered last year (yes its taken me a while to get around to sharing this!) that ticks all the boxes for a bit of soul nourishment. It covers journalling, writing, being creative, goal setting, visualisation and affirmations. All things I love and believe in.

These workbooks won't be everyone's cup of tea but I think some of you will LOVE them. In fact I like them so much I signed up to become an affiliate (which means that if you buy them via link on my site I receive a commission on the sale). I am slowly, slowly about to begin monetising my blog, feeling my way seeing what works and feels right. You'll never find an ad for Subway here but you will start to see affiliate links to resources that I use and am happy to recommend because I think they will be helpful to you too.

The workbooks are created by artist and business mentor Leonie Dawson, who I discovered through reading about her on Problogger (I think), for a start the workbooks are very well priced at $9.95 each but aside from that I like them because working through them is fun and as we mothers spend a lot of our time giving and thinking about other people it is so nice to sit down and think and dream and write about what it is that we actually want from life! And don't worry that it is no longer the start of the year, you can use these books at any time of the year and they will have the same impact.

It is a gift to myself to make this time and I do actually feel nourished by spending the time working through the questions and exercises, reflecting and focusing, gaining clarity on what is working or not in my life and business (not that I ever really think of myself as being in business by the way).

On the topic of business and money I like Leonie's approach to this as she is unashamedly a total hippy in her style and expression (she uses words like bonkerdoodles and gigglesnort don't say I didn't warn you that its not everyone's cup of tea, look past that though because what she has to offer is very useful!) aside from the woo woo hippy stuff, she is totally steeped in practicality to match it and speaks directly to the stumbling blocks that can trip people over if they are thinking that money and creativity or spirituality can only exist on separate pages. In fact they can all be very happily intertwined.

So, if as we move into the month of May you are drifting along thinking the year is vanishing through your fingertips and you are feeling a little lost beneath a never ending pile of washing then perhaps one or both of these workbooks could be just the soul food for you.

And if you do have a business or are thinking of starting one and want to step it up a notch I recommend Leonie's Business Goddess e-course. Through doing the course I came up with the idea of running Blogging for Beginners courses which I have loved doing and earned a good day's pay from too!

To buy Leonie's workbooks go here or to sign up for the e-course go here. And I hope you'll come back tomorrow for a great interview with wholefood mama Meagan from This Whole Family.

Tell me what is soul food for you? Journalling? Drawing? Writing? Have you monetised your blog? I'd love to hear about that too.


  1. I rather like those words 'bonkerdoodles' and 'gigglesnort'...adding those to my vocab for sure. This all sounds rather intriguing Nikki. I haven't written in a journal since I was in high school - I wonder if I'd enjoy it now!?

    1. Well you'd love what Leonie is on about then, that is if you are thinking of starting your own business! I love the reflective, slow down nature of keeping a journal and I love reading over them years later and laughing at myself for all the things I was worried about that seem insignificant with the lapse of time. Keeping a blog is the modern day journal so you are in one way still journalling! x

    2. True - I often think that about blogging. I have all my high school journals and they are hilarious to read now.

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