Sunday, April 06, 2014

stills collection

                                                           (Joining in with Beetleshack Em)                                                                                                           

1. Even the sewing box looks like an artwork in afternoon light.

2. This is our family jobs chart, instead of just having the children's names on it we all add our initial after we complete a job. My thinking behind it is to show that we all contribute to the house (Sol is still to get into the swing of this and River on the other hand LOVES seeing his initial up there so it is a big motivator I am hoping it still works when he is 16).

3. Loving that we are still getting some beach days. Sol put his sweet little arm around my neck and said "Take a photo of us mum" quite happy and relieved that 'selfie' is not yet part of his vocab.

4. Sol has found a new use for food colouring: paint. I keep some for colouring playdough. He spent three hours throughout the course of the day mixing paint and adding to his masterpiece "It's for River". Beautiful to see.

5. And River, our guitar man trying out his big cousin's guitar. He has been cracking me up each week when I ask "how was your guitar lesson?" "Good! I'm learning a song, it's called something like Hotel California". And the next week, "Yeah it was a good lesson, this week I think the song is called something like Smoke on the Water". Stares at me in amazement when I tell him I know the songs. I love being a parent.

No food pics here in this post sorry about that! Save your appetite for next week :)

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