Sunday, April 27, 2014

weekend wholefood reading

So, this is more sunday night reading than weekend reading but there's lots of good things to read and view either way!

A most beautiful seasonal fruit tart. Sadly there isn't a recipe to go with the photo...we'll have to invent one.

More help for dealing with fussy eaters...

Heather's 'kid-friendly pad thai' recipe comes with tips on how she managed to get fruit and veg into her fussy eater

I am working up to incorporating more homemade fermented foods into our diet and have found Cultured Food Life an interesting and informative resource

Sydneysiders if you are in business in the health, wellness or organics get yourself a ticket to my friend Sam Gowing's leadership event Lead Me to Success, on Wednesday May 21st 6pm-9pm. Sam and Therese Kerr will be talking all things business, organics, wealth, wellness and a whole lot more.

For those local to Merricks on the Mornington Peninsula, Living Nutrition is running their popular 8 week Healthy Habits program starting this Tuesday April 29th. Phone Heidi for more information or to book a place: 0434 999 518

I cooked this butter chicken on saturday night and served it with brown rice, dahl, minted yoghurt, fresh coriander, lime pickle and papadams it was a hit. Everyone happy.

A few memorable quotes from my boys this week I want to share:

Sol who is 4, announces at dinner - "I'm a meatatarian. I like meat." Pause. "And ice-cream".

Sol crinkling his face on the verge of tears when he heard me say to River, "It's Anzac Day on Friday". "No fair" Sol wailed "River gets Anzacs (biscuits) at school and I don't". River explains, "Oh no Sol, it's about war and stuff".

I heard River use the term bucket-list for the first time so I asked him what it means, his reply "Mum it is when people make a list of things they want to do wearing a bucket on their head".


I'll be back tomorrow with the next step in the step-by-step series, some soul food on tuesday, an interview with Meagan from This Whole Family, and a recipe on Thursday.

Happy wholefood week everyone. Xx

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  1. Would love to read river's bucket list!! xx Robin


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