Friday, April 04, 2014

weekend reading

Have you seen The Raw Food Family? Wow. 5 kids! Even if you're not 100% raw foodie like I'm not their yummy recipes and inspiring passion are worth clicking over to see.

Look at Virginia's veggie garden! You'll be green with envy.

I love the sound of Heather's 30 Days Vegan online course. If you sign up before April 6 you can bring a friend for free.

Erin is giving away a place in her online photography course. I've entered and am hoping to win but you can enter too :)

Hands up who'd like a slice of chilled chocolate espresso torte with hazelnut crust?

Are you loving Lola Berry's new book?

I'm not convinced about muffins masquerading as hot cross buns but they do sound like good muffins! And great alternatives for those who can't stomach regular hot X buns. Good on you ladies for coming up with these, see Bianca's Slap Dash Hot Cross Buns and Georgia's Hot Cross Buffins

And for a laugh, read Joy the Bakers post How to be the best food blogger of all. Funny!

Next week, another step in wholefood step-by-step, a little bit of soul food for mamas, and a great guest post from Georgia about whether or not to give children vitamin supplements.

Happy weekend everyone and start of the school holidays. I'm looking forward to baking hot cross buns with River and Sol in a couple of weeks and no doubt they are looking forward to chocolate!

Happy wholefood cooking! x

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  1. Hi Nikki! Thank you so much for linking to my garden!


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