Saturday, April 19, 2014

weekend reading - happy easter!

So I made Sophie's delicious version of hot cross buns, they turned out to be hot striped buns (piping did not go as planned) yummy anyway, shared with friends in the park with cups of hot chai.
Chai in the park is worth the effort of preparing and putting in a thermos by the way, must take real cups though definitely not the same out of picnic plastic.

I am stuffed with chocolate purely from seeing the endless stream of pictures and recipes on social media at the moment! So let's change the topic...

I really liked Sarah Wilson's post this week - just show up.

I won't be in Melbourne on Saturday June 14th but if I was I'd be buying a ticket to Publish your Passion

Discovering Emily's blog Littlest Lunch this week was a plus, I love her philosophy -
'Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can'. Amen to that.

My husband Pete has been working on a project with Indigenous Elders for the past two years, the culmination of the work was released this week 'The Elders' Report into Preventing Indigenous Self-harm and Youth Suicide' the launch of the report has been widely covered in the media. To read more about this and to support the campaign for Elders to lead the healing in their communities please take a moment to sign the petition at

You can watch an interview about the report on SBS world news here

If you are on the Mornington Peninsula on Tuesday 29th of April and want to join me for a
Wholefood Mama workshop at Sorrento Community Centre I'd love to see you!
We'll talk about making over your pantry, dealing with fussy eaters, saving time and money and of course eat some yummy food and share recipes.
9.30am-11.30am Cost: $35.00 For bookings phone: 5984 3360

Make the biggest pot of tea you can and settle in to read through Kidspot's Top 30 food and wellness bloggers...

Happy Easter everyone x

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