Saturday, April 12, 2014

weekend reading

Although this list didn't quite make it up on Friday as per usual it is still the weekend and hopefully you will have a moment or two on Sunday to read through these links...

If you are in the mood for cake, Jude's walnut and yoghurt one sounds delish.

Take a look at Wholefood Hub's Easter packs for making your own raw chocolates this Easter.

We can always count on Sonia to have holiday cooking covered, here's her comprehensive guide to hot cross bun recipes. Thanks Sonia! And I'll add my spelt hot cross bun recipe here.

Off Easter for a moment, this list of 10 ways to heal a leaky gut is worth a read.

I flicked through My Darling Lemon Thyme the cookbook in my local newsagent this week it looks fantastic can't wait to buy one (like I need another cookbook!)

Simply Wholefoods is a new discovery for me I thought you might like it too.

Thinking of Kellie this weekend as she is at the waiting stage for baby number 2 to arrive. She could be in labour now! Blessings on a beautiful birth xx

I thought this post 'Rainy day activities to keep you sane' might come in handy next week if the weather is anything like this week was.

I hope you are enjoying the school holiday weekend. See you back here next week xx

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