Wednesday, June 25, 2014

on the road again

Today we leave our home-away-from-home here in the Byron Shire and make our way north.

Having spent our winters here for the last eight years, the spectacular beauty of Byron Bay and surrounds, its beaches and hinterland, has become a familiar haven for us. In some ways I feel like as we travel beyond what we know, beyond our close friends, it sounds cliche to say but that is where our journey begins, beyond what we know.

Pete and I did a road trip to Cairns a couple years before River was born, but River and Sol haven't been past the Gold Coast. I'm looking forward to travelling to new places with them. And of course the sun and warmth will be a bonus, with the chill of Victoria's winter pushed to the back of mind. River and Sol are excited about sleeping in the tent, about campfires and fishing.

What they're not excited about is saying goodbye to Uncle Dave our friend who generously opens his home to us each year, and who this visit has sat through pages of doing Star Wars sticker books, taken the boys to movies, introduced them to Hello Dolly! and practiced doing circus tricks with them following our trip to Spaghetti Circus.

Remember that aunt or uncle who gave you their undivided attention when you were a child? Who let you choose the game/movie/book? Who was patient and funny? That is who Uncle Dave is for the boys and he will be missed by all of us but we'll be back in September.

Life on the road is a string of hellos and goodbyes, seeing old friends, making new ones and finding places to fall in love with.

I have to admit I was caught by surprise by a twang of homesickness yesterday. All of a sudden with three months of travel to go, the time away from home felt lengthy.

I've pushed through that feeling before when traveling and this time it is no different, except this time I am travelling with my little tribe and its true wherever they are tent, caravan, hotel is home.

So this post is just a little update that the regularity of my posts will vary from here on. I have plenty to post about but finding the time when there is no school day and when we are about to head into areas where wifi is not guaranteed will be a bit of a test.

If you are of the facebook or instagram world join me there @wholefoodmama. You can also sign up (top right) to have new posts delivered to your inbox if you like to do things that way. More soon!

What's happening with you? Are you travelling? Dreaming of travelling? I'd love to hear in the comments.


  1. Have fun and stay well...I'll look forward to reading snippets of your travels as your share them with us!

    1. Thanks Michelle. Will do. Hope all well with you x


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