Friday, June 13, 2014

weekend reading

Have you read Nora Gedgaudas' top 10 nutritional mistakes?

Jodi's post will have your winter cold sorted

Lovely Jay shared some of her beautiful photos from our recent visit. How does she capture light that way?!!

For simple doable tips for living a greener, healthier life pop over to my friend Tess' blog: tiny green hands

If you are looking for a dose of grounded nutritional medicine read Jessie's guidelines for health and healing

Meet The Organic Sisters

Spinach crepes with apple and chickpeas sound weird and intriguing

And how about these tumeric and almond cookies?

The super delicious beetroot dip pictured above is one of my friend Robin's simple and divine wholefoodie creations (correct me in the comments Robin if I'm wrong with this 'recipe') - grated raw beetroot mixed into cream cheese with lemon juice and garlic. Perfect with crunchy celery.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. We're off to a Spaghetti Circus performance tomorrow - yay!

See you back here next week x


  1. That photo of you and Pete on and the trees is so beautiful! Kellie xx

    1. I love it too Kellie! Hope you are all well xx

  2. Hi Nikki. I use red wine vinegar instead of lemon juice...probably because our celery has that great salty taste and I love the vinegar and salt combo. The "measured" recipe with the optional horseradish...which I really like but my littlies don't, is here Big Hug to you and your boys! Robin


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