Sunday, June 15, 2014

stills collection

1. Hello Sydney! This is a little rewind of a few snaps from last month in Sydney.

2. Sol and Pete, bright lights, big city, dinner at Darling Harbour.

3. Home schooling cafe style. Ampersand on Crown cafe/bookstore Surry Hills.

4. Fast forward to this week, River on Belongil Beach, Byron Bay.

5. Happy Sol at Belongil.

6. Off to Spaghetti Circus with Uncle Dave.

7. Amazing show. And chandelier.

8. Members of the Performance Troupe strutting their stuff.


  1. Great photos Nikki! Looks like you had an awesome week :)

    1. Thanks Michelle. We are having fun on the road x

  2. Oh.....

    Beautiful pictures, but I really LOVE that black and white on the beach!
    That's gorgeous....

    1. Thankyou! I just worked out that my camera can switch to b&w! Ha ha.


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