Friday, June 20, 2014

weekend reading

It was an honour to be featured on Olga's blog this week in her Inspiring Peace series

And to have one of my recipes in Sonia's 10 nourishing soups post. Thanks for having me ladies!

When sugar isn't sweet - very interesting read about one mother's experience with her sugar sensitive child

Sourdough lovers how about a sourdough black forest cake? 

Pete Evans' recipe for cauliflower fried rice with chicken looks pretty good!

I've enjoyed discovering Holistic Bliss magazine this week

Georgia shares How to exercise and meditate everyday no matter how busy you are

We're off to downtown Lismore today. I've never been there before I'm looking forward to doing some exploring with River and Sol while Pete delivers some of his books to the uni.

Speaking of books, my ebook is coming along. Yes taking much longer than I anticipated but I'm getting there! And this week I was very happy to get a yes from the editor I had in mind to work on the book so I am extra inspired to get it finished!!

I hope you've got a great weekend ahead that of course involves some cooking and sharing of food with people you love. Happy weekending. X

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