Sunday, June 08, 2014

stills collection

1. Sol dragging seaweed along lighthouse beach at Port Macquarie while Pete and River fished. One of a string of beautiful sunsets we have witnessed on this trip.

2. Pete and River heading into the waves. Town beach Port Macquarie.

3. Three laughing buddhas, well that was what I asked them to pretend to be while I took their photo. If you are wondering how on earth Poe and Ilo have popped over to my blog, we were lucky enough to spend some real life time together on our way north. Thankyou Jay, Scott, Ilo and Poe for your warm and beautiful hospitality and to Bellingen for charming us.

4. Concerts were just one of the treasures of this visit.

5. A tired looking me with my little buddy Sol who wakes before six most mornings. We spent a beautiful day together just the two of us wandering around Brunswick Heads and Mullumbimby, while Pete, River and Uncle Dave travelled up the coast for a work day.

6. My self-directed, highly motivated, enthusiastic homeschool boy. Phew. Thankyou River for making my job easy.

Yes we are having a wonderful time.


  1. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Beautiful pics. x

    1. Thanks Tess for visiting :) we are having such a great time. Loving Byron and looking forward to next adventure as we move further north. Xx


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