Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Week one of home school is in.

A game of scrabble may not be what you'd expect as part of the curriculum but it covers spelling, vocab and maths so that's a win!

River and Sol's teachers are very supportive of our trip to Alice Springs and provided me with detailed home learning programs for the boys.

Home schooling is not something I could do for the whole year, for a few reasons, but I'm more than happy to for the next 8 weeks. Reason one is River loves school. He loves being part of the school community, he loves his friends and his teacher. It took Sol a while to settle into prep but he has really found his happy place with going to school and it seems a shame to take him out for this time but there is an adventure to be had bigger than the school grounds and he will love that too.

When it comes to taking children out of school for an extended period lots of people say things like, "oh its only prep". I don't see it that way. I see prep as the foundation that sets them up for their schooling. They learn all the important elements to build on in later years, so I am focused on giving Sol the same opportunity as his school buddies by being diligent and consistent with what I teach him. Another reason I don't think I could home school year round is that both my boys enjoy having someone other than their mum teaching them!

"Mum, what shall we call you?" they asked on Monday morning when I announced it was time for home school. "Mrs Fisher?" they suggested. Cute. "We have assembly on monday mornings remember," they told me. I suggested we wait a week for assembly as there wasn't much to report yet! "You have to call the roll," was the next instruction.

It seems that 'playing' schools is by far the most effective way of engaging them. We are covering the foundations: reading, writing, spelling, grammar and maths but we get to do it in creative ways and cover topics that the boys are interested in. Sol wants to learn about the moon and find out if snakes have ears. River's favorite subject is writing so we are going to do lots of different styles of writing. Today he wrote a letter to his best friend. Yesterday he wrote a fiction story titled 'The Cheeky Mouse', we will look at poetry, non-fiction writing, persuasive writing and so on. I will get him to interview someone he meets on the trip. And both boys will keep weekly journals of our trip.

For this week as the three males in my house recover from their coughs, headaches, earaches, fevers and chills it really is home school because we are at home. Once we hit the road, it becomes road school.

Do you home school? Would you like to? What stops you? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


  1. I would be no good at home schooling for many reasons and my 11 year old son is quite stubborn and despite his age thinks he knows more than his mother and she (as in me) find it frustrating because he doesn't like to wait to hear me out you know because I don't understand. We both get frustrated so home schooling would not work for us. On the road and for 8 weeks sounds manageable for you with every thing you have described. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. I hear you Kathy! It isn't always easy but I enjoy the challenge and find it very satisfying when it goes well, which I am guessing is how classroom teachers feel too! x


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