Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Just like the food I eat I like to keep what I read, view and listen to varied and most of the time nourishing.

A little bit of junk from time to time ie. trashy mags when I visit my nan or mother-in-law, a bit of mindless commercial telly now and then, commercial radio when I just want to sing along and be asked by River "is this song from the olden days?" and when I just can't stand another minute of talkback.

I'm not much of a fiction reader at all, never have been except for at high school when I had to be. I think people who write fiction are amazing to create characters and worlds but I think the reason I don't read more fiction is because I feel like I'm being lazy! Sounds crazy I know, but its like there is so much factual stuff I need to learn I can't spend a moment in fantasy land, even though I know there is much to learn about the craft of writing from fiction writers. It's pretty much non-fiction all the way for me, unless I'm reading River and Sol's books with them.

So today I thought I'd share the books I've been reading lately and if you feel like it tell us in the comments what you've been reading, always great to hear of fantastic books.

1. My friend Robin leant me 'Playful Learning', I've been reading up preparing ideas for roadschooling the boys when we head off to Alice Springs later this month.

2. 'Have You Got the Guts to Be Really Healthy' was a gift from my friend David. I haven't read the whole book yet but I like the directness of author Don Chisholm. Many people wait until they get sick to change their lifestyle and Don is an advocate for staying ahead of illness by making lifestyle changes while you're well.

3. 'The Golem and the Djinni' is the first fiction book I've started reading in a very long time. My writer friend Jane leant it to me, it is one of her favorites and I have to admit that the writing had me immersed within the first few pages.

4. I found 'The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success for Parents' in my local op shop. I'm a bit of a parenting book junkie I have to confess.

5. I LOVE 'Australian Yoga Journal' it was my bible when we were on the road last year. I follow the home practice sequences that are included each month, this was fantastic for my sanity when I couldn't get to a yoga class when we were in remote areas last year and equally for mums at home with little ones who can't get to a class, the class comes to you! It is a great value magazine.

6. Sol is learning to read and Dr Suess is a great help! These books are fun and wonderful for early readers confidence as they pick up the words and rhyming quickly and feel like they're actually reading!!!

7. River and Sol love bookshops and buying books as much as I do. Given the price of books these days and my love of libraries, it is a treat when book buying happens. Sol chose 'The True Meaning of Smekday' when we recently visited the bookstore in Bega. He loved the movie Home that is based on this book.

8. And Pete purchased 'Birrung the Secret Friend' as a gift for the boys. We're yet to start reading it but I'm such a fan of Jackie French I'm looking forward to it. Jackie is ridiculously prolific, take a look at this for a reading list!

Now it's your turn. Have you got a page turner to share? A favorite trashy mag or novel? Parenting book? Or....cookbook?!

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