Saturday, July 11, 2015


Like seasons in the weather there are seasons in our lives.

As the rain fell in fat drops this morning Sol sat inside at Cakes and Ale looking so grown up drinking an apple juice while I tried to dodge getting wet taking this photo.

Each winter for as long as he can remember my husband has chased the sun. And now as a family when the chill hits Victoria we head north. This year to Alice Springs where Pete will work with Indigenous Elders and the boys and I will immerse ourselves in a place we have never spent time in before. There is nothing like travel for stretching our experience and view of the world.

While I've never been much of a winter person, I do my best to embrace the changing seasons. Sure I'm looking forward to soaking up some winter sun but over the past month I've been enjoying the winter light and colours here on the Peninsula, our wood fire, endless pots of soup and slow cooked meals, adding layers to my winter wardrobe with local op shop finds and generally hibernating and being a bit more 'inner'.

My family entered a new season this year with Sol, our youngest, starting school. The baby/toddler/pre school years are officially over. Like any transition there's been some bumpy moments and we're all finding our new places but nearly 6 months in we're settling well. As with most seasonal changes it is rarely what your prediction might lead you to imagine.

Embrace the season.

Do you have a favorite?

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