Monday, July 06, 2015

taking stock

I'm joining in with Pip today taking stock. If you pop over to Pip's blog she's written a list for you to play along too. I could be dreaming but I've set myself a challenge to blog everyday for the month of July. I can't promise it is going to be quality over quantity but the challenge is to show up each day and gather momentum and see where it takes me/us. Bloggers feel free to join me in the challenge! Leave a comment if you're up for it.
Making : a mess baking a cake with my favorite 5 year old
Cooking : dinner in a little while and have no idea to cook and dreading the getting-Sol-to-eat-veggies hussle
Drinking : not enough water
Reading: The Golem and the Djinni courtesy of my friend Jane Cornelius
Wanting: a holiday
Looking: forward
Playing: with my hair
Deciding: whether to have an early night or stay up late
Wishing: my husband wasn't always dreaming of us living somewhere else
Enjoying: my family and friends
Waiting: to go and visit my friend and her baby in Sydney
Liking: stuff on facebook and instagram
Wondering: what it would have been like to raise children in my grandmother's day
Loving: my shiatsu massage today
Pondering: writing a memoir
Considering: writing a memoir
Buying: colourful clothes
Watching: The Voice. I know. 
Hoping: I don't get suckered into watching the whole series of The Voice
Marvelling: at how as a society we got ourselves into this processed food mess
Cringing: that in 2015 we need to have a referendum for Indigenous recognition in the Australian constitution
Needing: another shiatsu massage very soon
Questioning: why some kids eat veggies happily and others flatly refuse. same about those babies that sleep though the night
Smelling: essential oils: bermagot and lemon. not together
Wearing: mohair cardigan a lot
Following: @janecornelius @letlulu @therachelpapers
Noticing: the chill of winter. how could I not?!
Knowing: everything works out in the long run
Thinking: too much
Admiring: my girlfriends from overseas who married Aussie men and moved here and made lives for themselves from scratch and raise their children and miss their extended family and old friends every day
Sorting: socks. of course.
Getting: tired
Bookmarking: no time for bookmarking its school holidays!
Coveting: more essential oils
Disliking: how I manage my time
Opening: my mind to how life is rather than how I think it should be
Giggling: at funny text messages from girlfriends
Feeling: better after exercising
Snacking: on tamari almonds and chocolate. not together
Helping: my big boy to learn the craft of writing (I'm learning too) and my little boy to learn to read
Hearing: st kilda beat essendon on the tv in the next room

oh and by the way, the photo of me at the top, my friend Jane took it after she asked me to stain my lips with raw beetroot working on a new natural 'lipstick'. 

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