Friday, November 08, 2013

friday links

(fermented foods from a workshop I went to last weekend I will write about it here soon)

Friday is the day I share my favorite finds from the web...

This is excellent - Kids and Food - 5 tips to keep your sanity

Lemon curd pies with a buckwheat, chia and almond pastry from the very beautiful Petite Kitchen

More from Petite Kitchen some lunch box love including a very interesting gluten free bread recipe that involves almond butter and banana!!

Homegrown Kitchen is a beautiful blog I found this week, I will be trying Nicola's gluten free sourdough bread recipe.

Spend two minutes watching the video on Nicola's (Homegrown Kitchen) about page - Jodi & Jay must watch viewing for you ladies interested in film - her children, the sentiment, the music well it had me welling up. Doesn't take much to get me started, a baby eating a just picked berry will do it. Hopeless I know!

Does a healthy diet start with a clean closet?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend planned. We have no plans saturday (no plans my favorite!) having said that, on sunday we are going to a christening of our friend's sweet sweet baby girl which I am very much looking forward to being part of their special day.

River asked "What's a christening mum?" I thought for moment (we aren't religious in a traditional sense, in fact River has only been inside a church once for a funeral) and explained, "Well it is a very special occasion, we will wear nice clothes and go to church where there will be a ceremony to celebrate our friend's baby being born and then go back to their house for a special lunch." "Oh," he said thinking, suddenly I could see what was coming, "Did we have a special day like that for me when I was born?" Oh is right. "Hmmm well no we didn't but that's because we aren't religious and some families are so a christening in a church is how they do it. We celebrated your birth and lots of friends and family came to meet you but we didn't go to church". "Oh" he said, somewhat satisfied. Awkward parenting moment # 356. And sorry if I have offended anyone in my simplified explaining of religion!

Happy weekend one and all thanks for taking the time to visit here. See you next week with another wholefood mama interview: Michelle from Michelle Schoeps organic, a book review and my monday musings on...screen time! (What the hell is screen time I hear my great grandmother asking?! we didn't have that in my day she'd be saying) xx


  1. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is that video. Loved the pace of it, the consciousness with every action, thank you for sharing, it so beautiful and inspiring. Oh and thanks for all your other fabulous links, as usual. xxx

    1. I know. I thought you'd love it. Hope you're well! xxx


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