Friday, November 22, 2013

friday links

Watching Dateline on Tuesday night I was moved and inspired by Detroit Soup

Pete's opened an online bookshop - hurrah!

Crafters looking to start a biz do you know create & thrive?

Excellent tips from Nicole on making the most of working from home.

Stay away from Local Milk if you are prone to blog envy

If you are writing a book - ebook or hardcopy - I recommend downloading Joanna Penn's free blueprint on how to do a good job of writing and selling your book. I found it via Allison Tait.

And if you are looking to launch or reinvigorate your freelance writing career I think Allison's ebook, Get Paid to Write: The secrets of freelance writing success looks like a great place to start, ditto Christina Katz's book Writer Mama: how to raise a writing career alongside your kids

Thanks to Sonia's interview I found the gluten free grain free co.

I won a prize! The first giveaway I've ever won. Thank you Jodi and Read + Bell, some bohemian clothes shopping is just what the doctor ordered for me this week.

If you need to balance out your hormones (who doesn't?!) then read this excellent, detailed post from Wellness Mama.

I am really looking forward to the weekend. River has won an award at school for a story writing contest (not that I am really into competitive writing but I am very proud of River for the work he put into the story) and we are going to a presentation ceremony on Saturday and then on Sunday a very dear old friend from high school who I haven't seen in about two years is coming to visit with her little girl. Can't wait!

Well that's it for another week here. Thanks for all your kind and supportive comments on the post this week about my brother and for sharing your experiences of loss too, your comments are always so appreciated.

Enjoy your weekend! xx


  1. Well done River! "Competitive writing" made me smile a little.

    And (seriously, what's wrong with me?) I clicked over to Local Milk, even though I suffer from Blog Envy Disorder big time and now... I can't unsee!!!! x

    1. I did warn you :) River's award ceremony was so fantastic I was completely impressed. It was organised through our local historical society and the stories were about Indigenous culture, the organiser made the point that with 300 entries the standard was very high and the Principal commented that having an audience beyond their classroom teacher raised the bar (of course the prizes would have helped!) to my wholefood horror River was awarded the biggest box of chocolates I've ever seen!! Plus a certificate and a $10 note. x

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