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wholefood mama: michelle schoeps organic

Today's wholefood mama interview comes to you all the way from Sydney town. This story is full of real food photography that you will want to eat and a down to earth wholefood philosophy spelled out in a way that makes it all sound doable. If you don't know her already you will soon become a fan of this mama of 3 and her blog Michelle Shoeps Organic.

Michelle says:

"I'm a slightly crazed mother of three - aged 14, 10 and 4. We are busy busy all the time and most of the time my life is a blur but I still find time to make sure my kids are nourished and loved within an inch of their lives." 

1. Who or what started you down your wholefood/organic path? 
When I fell pregnant Max gently pointed me in the direction of eating only organic food, he wanted our unborn child to have the best. Then each one of my children were breastfed, breast was always best in our house and each one of my children hung onto them with dear life for as long as possible.

2. Can you tell us about your approach to feeding your family? 
Lead by example is my new thing. My life is dedicated to feeding them the best food possible, so that their bodies get stronger and healthier as they get older. What we try and install in them now (without pressure) will hopefully be ingrained in them when they are adults and have their own children.

3. What do you find challenging when it comes to following a wholefood path with a family? 
Not much. Our teenager is our only challenge and I think because I was so 'hardcore' when she was little that its pay back now. She finds it very hard with all of her friends eating crap food, she wants to be the same and fit in but unfortunately her body doesn't respond like other kids and she gets sick and very moody.

4. What would you say to someone who says they don't have enough time or money to eat organically and prepare meals from scratch? 
I would want to teach them and show them how. It's completely possible for anyone, if you buy seasonally and cheaper cuts of meat eating wholefoods can actually be cheaper than processed conventional foods. And along with the affects on your health of processed/conventional foods in the long term its much cheaper. 

5. What sort of foods do you remember eating as a child? 
My parents are European so full flavoured food, mainly German, French and Hungarian food. A lot of meat, soups and salads.

6. Who are your wholefood heroes and why? 
A lot of the people I respect on that level are just normal everyday people who are dedicated to their health, Aaron who owns the gym I go to Origin of Energy and Anthia my naturopath at Ovvio. On a foodie level it would Alice Waters because of her dedication to seasonal simple food and what she does for the greater community - edible garden etc…

7. Your three favorite ingredients and why? 
Artichokes, dark chocolate, organic raspberries. Just because.

8. Sugar or salt, which do you crave? And when you do what satisfies you? 
Both depending on times of the day and month. Salty would have to be cheese really stinky cheese and sweet would be dark chocolate, my ice magic would be my go to at the moment and if I want a bit together it would be pate on carrot sticks with a sprinkle of himalayan salt.

9. Favourite cookbooks and food blogs you'd like to share...
Anything by Tessa Kiros, Nigel Slater, Antonio Carluccio (he's a legend and his shows are my idea of the perfect meditation) Yotam Ottolenghi is a major spunk and his show is on the same level as Carluccio. I'm not a big blog reader I prefer a good cookbook and saying that I've had to stop buying them because I have almost 400 in my collection.

10. What inspired you to start your blog? 
Who - Heather Nette King. She's the reason it exists.

11.The photography on your blog is always beautiful. Any tips for taking great food shots? 
Good light, beautiful produce, a great camera and a good eye.

12. What are you loving about your life right now? 
Everything. I have the most incredible partner and children, so life is I'm happy to say perfect. We are in the process of editing 5 new Michelle Schoeps Organic mini episodes, I have an online shop selling my food/flower prints and in the new year I will start cooking classes from my home and monthly kids pre-made food boxes (with a girlfriend) using organic meat and veg from her farm.

You can also find Michelle on instagram and facebook

Before we go, here's one of Michelle's recipes. Remember ice magic? Can't even imagine what was in that stuff. For those who've never heard of it, ice magic was a chocolate topping you could buy in the supermarket (maybe it's still available) and when you squeezed it on top of ice cream it would set hard like chocolate. This is Michelle's very simple and oh so much healthier version...

Melt 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil to 2 tablespoons of dark 70% (we like it even darker) chocolate this is enough for two people, so double for four and so on.

I sprinkle a little himalayan salt in to the melted choc/coconut for extra yumminess. Then all you do is spoon it over your frozen fruit and in a second its crisp like a shell. I never thought ice magic could be so healthy!

Thanks so much Michelle for sharing your wholefood story here and for making my blog looks so good with your exquisite photos. I think we're all hungry now and would happily sit at your table for breakfast, lunch, dinner or ice magic! xx

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  1. Lovely photos indeed.....can't wait to try the "ice magic" recipe!

    1. Yes I'm taking notes on the photography and the ice magic looks like too much fun I'm waiting to show my boys it will become their new favorite. I hope all is well with you on the Island x


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