Friday, November 15, 2013

friday so soon

Usually I keep a log during the week of my favorite finds on the web that I think you'll like too, but this week I've spent most of my time nurturing River back to good health as he had infection in not one but both of his ears! It's been a week of broken sleep, two visits to the doctor and one to the chiropractor.

I have to say I've enjoyed having him home. Endless days with your children really are a fleeting season. Once they start school, weekends come and go oh so quickly.

The first couple of days this week River spent quietly enduring the kind of pain that only ear ache can bring. When that was over, he wanted to be creative. 'Can you teach me to sew mum?' We made a cushion. 'Can we print the book I've written? I want to phone nana and Pepe and see if they'd like to buy a copy?' Self- published at seven I love it. 'I know! We can make puppets out of these pom poms and pipe cleaners and Sol and I can put on a puppet show!' We painted the kitchen cupboards turquoise and tangerine. 'Well they don't blend in anymore' was Pete's remark. A thank you letter was written and posted and some maths work weaved in as River helped his dad with measuring up spaces with our northern new south wales dream house in mind. More about that soon.

So here's a short list and a big happy weekend wish to each of you. Thanks for visiting me here.

Love the sound of Nourishing Quarter in Sydney's Surry Hills 

A great blog find - Our Nourishing Roots - anyone who promotes 'connection to the Earth through traditional foods' and uses the words 'anti-diet' has my undivided attention

I've been hooked over at Blue Bird Baby ever since reading this post via Jodi

Thinking of homeschooling? Read Vanessa's heartfelt post about her family's big decision to do just that.

What are you up to this weekend? 


  1. Oh, i smiled and smiled at how much wonderful time and how much delightful crafting you and River got up too, I am sorry that he has been in so much pain but i am so happy about the beautiful time you have had together. I too have been loving Blue bird Baby from Jodi as well, where has that blog been all my blogging life i wonder. And I have actually been to Nourishing Quarter a couple of times and it is absolutely divine and exciting. We should render vous there one day. Love to you and your lovely ones. j

    1. I feel the same way about Blue Bird Baby, how did I miss that? Funny you mention meeting at Nourishing Quarter, while I savoured the crafty close time this week has brought for River and I I have lately been yearning for a getaway - all by myself! Perhaps a trip to Sydney is just the ticket! xxx

    2. Oh my goodness, imagine that. Unfortunately we are busy until Feb, but after that.... I too have been thinking of a getaway to Melbourne with a friend of mine, we could even meet there. xxx let's make it happen, what a treat.

  2. I love the idea of turquoise and tangerine kitchen fun!!

    1. :) wait til you see our funny little kitchen Rebekka. I am planning a kitchen tour post soon where the turquoise and tangerine extravaganza will be revealed. Lovely to find your comment here x


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